Why do Groups matter?

As followers of Christ we belong to a unique community, one founded solely on Jesus Christ and bound together by the Holy Spirit. We have each been called to become more like Him, but we do that best when we do it together. Being a part of a group helps you connect with others in our community and grow in your faith as you share life together. With a variety of different groups and classes, there is definitely a place for you to connect at Centerville Community Church. 

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Our 5 DNA Points

These 5 distinctive DNA points will exist in every Centerville Community Church group, whether a small group, MOPS group, or topical study.

  • Highly Relational - a place for people to be real with each other

  • Grounded in God's Timeless Truth - God's Word is Foundational

  • Call to Action - it should cause us to put our faith into action as a group and individuals

  • Devoted to Prayer - prayer is powerful and transformational

  • Reproducible - leaders producing leaders/disciples; disciples making disciples